Originally from the UK, Steven Burton is a self-taught portrait, travel and lifestyle photographer, with an education in graphic design and advertising (with a dark past as a fashion model, but let us not go there).

It was Steven's desire to travel that initially led him towards a career in photography. Returning from a solo trip to Tibet in 2001, he sold his first print, while working on the images at a printing studio in NYC. Since that fateful day, Steven has trained Kung-fu with the Shaolin monks in China, (still walks funny after that experience)! He has practiced tribal dances in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, drifted on a boat down the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, and taught gang members in LA to swear with a British accent, all the while honing his skill as a photographer.

Steven has since worked for a variety of editorial and advertising agencies and photographed personal projects for NGO’s such as the United Nations, Grass Roots Soccer (South Africa) and Homeboy Industries.


Steven published his first book "Skin deep, looking beyond the tattoos" with Powerhouse books NYC in 2017. The Skin Deep project went viral on social media with collectively over 77 million views and counting. Skin Deep has been featured internationally on significant news channels around the world, as well as editorial, web and radio platforms.

Recently the project has been taught in the Manhattan University psychology department and select schools around America. Skin Deep is also making a positive impact in the jails, where it has opened up deep conversations during therapy, with inmates that have been sent to the HOLE (isolation) for gang activity.

When not writing about himself in the third person, you will find Steven loving life in NYC where he lives, and surfing the crystal clear waters of the Far Rockaways in Queens.